Have you ever considered the story of Saul. Saul was a rather reluctant leader initially, however he fell into the role in an outstanding way, wouldn’t you say? God anointed Saul, as he was specifically chosen to carry out God’s desires. And….Saul not only performed but I’m sure he definitely made a few Angels blush.

Consider this will you, have you ever reluctantly performed a task and once the results were in, they were outstanding? So outstanding that your boss decided to not only give you a raise but also a job promotion. You begin to outperform all those around you, winning accolade after accolade. Now, what do you suppose all of this shine does to your self-esteem? How do you feel about work now? How do you feel about God?…..

What do you suppose happens, after some time, when a new employee comes along and steals your shine? How would that make you feel? Would you still feel good about yourself, the task at hand, or would you come to resent your job and your role?

Saul, was faced with this, as David stole his thunder. David became the new and shiny hero (and eventual King), while Saul became…….bitter. Saul lost hope in his purpose and in essence, lost God’s anointing.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever lost your will to complete the race (your race, your purpose) because you lost the crowd’s attention? Let’s be real. Personally, I’ve had this happen (I lost my shine and forgot my purpose). And, only wisdom (from older folk….lol) and prayer knocked me back to my senses. I had to fall hard in order to realize that it’s not about me. Now, I can laugh at the situation because it happened very early on in my career (purpose driven life) and I was very foolish. However, the humility factor knocked me back to my senses. God’s grace saved me….

Sometimes, shining too much can bring about an arrogance that God despises. It stops being about God and HIS Purpose and more about man’s ego. Man’s pride. Man slowly makes himself boss…..when he’s merely a vessel.

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Heard a Word

I attended Church yesterday for the first time in a long time. The message was based on the following Scripture: 1 Peter 4:12-13.

This year I have taken several leaps of faith. At times, free falling and at other times, gliding. Lately, I feel myself soaring. While not everything is Peachy, I remain hopeful and faithful.





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Back in the day, a handshake really meant something. It meant that you were a man of your word. That you would keep your word. Thus, by keeping your word, your name remained honorable.

Nowadays, a handshake and a name have lost certain values. Unfortunately, they can be as empty as uttering the three magic words of I love you or getting married.

Do you think, that it is possible to get back to how things were? Back to the meaningful times in which a handshake meant something. Your word meant something. Your name was highly regarded because you ensured that it meant something.

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